What is a Webinar? Its 11 Practical Advantages for Businesses

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Webinar is an attractive, dynamic and online video conference that aims to provide information for educational or commercial purposes, which these days is one of the practical tools for various trainings such as digital marketing and website design . In this article, we will introduce you to the features, how and purpose of using the webinar, its 10 key advantages for businesses and its disadvantages.

What is a Webinar

A webinar is a video conferencing tool and video marketing tool designed to provide more engaging content in real time.

Although the term webinar means “web-based seminar”, webinars have been integrated with multimedia and a large number of interactive features to take business communication to the next level.

You can share (or sell) your knowledge and expertise during scheduled online sessions by having webinars such as page sharing, whiteboards with writing, presentation, polling or chat tools.

What are the types of webinars?

Another exciting thing about webinars is that you can distinguish them from the following:

  • Target
  • Event
  • access


Let’s start by defining the goal webinar. You can use these types of webinars depending on what you want to get in your business:

Knowledge sharing and lead generation webinars

If you are in the field of digital marketing, this type of webinar should be for you. These types of online events share your values ​​and expertise with your vision and advancement. Thanks to your important insights, you will have the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with your Leads and eventually turn them into customers.

Product display webinars

Through webinars you can display your products. Video marketers say video presentation has helped 94% of users understand their product or service, and that 79% of respondents admit that watching a movie has persuaded them to buy a product. Webinars can be considered as one of the most important online sales tools in the field of digital.

Webinar Features

  • Multidirectional conference
  • Ability to download and watch presentations and movies
  • Text dialogue
  • Digital page
  • polls
  • Share via desktop as a provider
  • Record the app to watch again

How does a webinar work?

So far, you know about webinars and how long it takes you to prepare them. But let’s see what to do next:

Webinar planning

First you need to plan the webinar which is very simple. Just create an account for your webinar and use the dashboard to specify the date, time and duration of this webinar.

Then comes the most important planning stage. Here you can customize the settings so that the webinar moves in line with your goals and audience expectations.

You can also upload other content to make the information easier for the audience to understand. Always check your webcam, microphone, headset as well as your connection before the webinar.

Webinar Host

Here you have sent the invitation link to your participants, checked that everything is ready and started the webinar. This is an opportunity for you to influence your audience and achieve all your goals.

Communication in live webinars is like just sitting in front of a computer or lab and talking to an audience. But that is not all.

You should use interactive tools such as desktop sharing to display digital charts, tables, keys and images. This helps visualize information for the audience and makes it easier to understand. Participants communicate and listen to each other as well as to you through chat or association.

Be sure to answer all questions and comments. Give all participants a chance to comment if necessary. Also focus on providing quality content for your audience.

It is also a good idea to send a quick survey to participants to know how to improve and improve in the future.

11 Reasons Why Webinars Are Great For Any Business

1. You can get tremendous value

This is one of the main reasons why businesses start webinars in the first place. Webinars can really keep your audience engaged for hours if done right. Your audience can also ask you questions and get real-time feedback on your training.

2. Shows you as an expert in your industry

You might say to yourself, this is a free webinar. who cares? But your audience cares. And this is only because being free does not mean that there is no content to exchange. Your audience must register for a webinar, set a date, remember the time of the event, and spend their time at that time, after which they will devote about 3 hours of their time to you. Your audience does all this just to hear you talk about a particular topic. It shows you as an expert.

3. You can do your sales easily

Your webinars with the right type of content should give the customer insights that they can buy from without you having to. Many businesses make mistakes in training as well as in sales, if you can train and sell at the same time in the right webinar. An effective webinar should highlight problems, minimize protests, and not be overly tedious. Your webinar content should teach your audience what they want, what your product is, and offer it to them. This makes sales much more natural and eliminates the need for hard sales.

4. You can connect with hundreds of people from all over the world

This is one of the biggest reasons why webinars are the best way to go. You can chat with almost hundreds of people online and you do not even have to leave your comfortable chair.

There is no doubt that having a one-on-one face-to-face conversation with a strong perspective can be the most effective way for your business to attract new customers. But is it possible for you to travel to two worlds for one-on-one meetings? This may be possible but only for 6, 7 or 8 digit trades and not for every job and every trade. But doing a webinar allows you to connect with hundreds of people around the world in 2 hours at a time.

5. Webinars engage your audience

Webinars are special for two main reasons. First, they happen once, and if your audience arrives late, they will miss some of the live webinar, and if they do not, they will all lose it. This power and limitation is the basis of any campaign and webinar. In a movie, the audience knows that they can pause somewhere and come back whenever they want, but this is not the case with webinars. If your audience misses or misses the webinar, they will feel the loss of an important topic.

The second reason could be a conversational conflict. In webinars, your audience gets a voice. They can chat, comment, ask questions, answer other people’s questions, and so on. When someone asks questions or talks about what is being taught, they become more involved.

6. You can get more new and lead customers

Almost every business thrives on its potential customers and leaders. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a new business. A kind of registration is provided during the webinar. People are familiar with registering and sending names, emails and some other information to a webinar for Word. They have actually nominated themselves as a lead and are interested in what you are learning and have decided to learn more about it.

There are many ways to improve your registration in a webinar, but in this article we will cover just a few. You can act through paid ads, display the webinar on your homepage, you can use guest contacts, and more.

7. You can identify and communicate with potential customers and new leads

There is no better way than to value the audience to build a relationship with them. It is usually the first step in selling education. Webinars give us the opportunity to educate our potential customers and help them understand why our product is valuable. Webinars allow your audience to recognize a name by its sound and face. It also allows you to have personal relationships with your audience and talk to them in real time.

Webinars are the best way to build personal relationships with your audience by providing face-to-face communication. You can give your audience a great impression of your products and services as your first impression.

8. You can invite guests and use their influence for their audience

When you invite an influencer or a professional guest to your webinar, they usually announce this to their audience and may invite them to attend the webinar.

Keep in mind that just because they might like to share this with their audience does not mean it is their job. So you can not expect them to advertise for you. This is just a great way to showcase yourself and your job.

In addition, you can use your guest credentials as this person links your name to your brand. It also creates public excitement, increases attendance and participation, and increases social media sharing.

9. You can attract affiliate companies using webinars

Affiliates want to deliver something valuable to their customers. These companies can not advertise if they do not want to make money from sending traffic. So conversions would be great if affiliates send traffic directly to your homepage. If these affiliates send traffic to a webinar campaign, which is also very valuable, they will receive more commissions.

This will help you to attract influencers and industry partners to promote your webinar.

10. You can speed up your sales process and get a faster return on investment (RIO)

As a company, it is this income that helps your business grow. Companies thrive or stagnate with the flow of money and capital. So the sooner they can turn their leads and potential customers into customers, the better. Webinars can really help speed up this process. But why is that? Just because all the steps of the initial sales funnel are removed and all of them are merged. Webinars allow you to build trust, strengthen your value, and minimize criticism and dissatisfaction in no time.

11. Webinars provide a flexible support solution

This part will actually have two benefits for you. Not only can you provide personal support to your online members, but you can also use a flexible support system for different online training. For example, learning companies can schedule a web conferencing session with their online educators to ask questions and receive the individual help they need to succeed. Some web conferencing tools even have integrated page sharing features that allow support staff to fix issues remotely. Before enrolling in any web conferencing tool, make sure it provides the support services you need. For example, features that are ideal for team collaboration may not be useful for online learner support.

Disadvantages of online conferencing


  • Not everyone has a great internet speed.
  • Low speed internet can be a nightmare alongside an old home computer that is crowded and full of children.
  • Relationships are getting shallower these days.
  • It makes people feel lonely. Talking to coworkers and building relationships is still important to some people and scary for them. And online conference calls may exacerbate this fear

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