The Sun: Origin Mod Apk v2.1.8 (Infinite Money)

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The Sun Origin is an enthralling First-Person Shooter (FPS) game with post-apocalyptic environment based on a sun-scorched Earth. This is a premium game developed by AGaming+ that costs $0.99 on the Google Play Store.

The story of the game takes place during a calamity that wipes out the whole world. Over the course of several years, scientists from various disciplines prophesied that the sun would cause the end of the world. No one, however, took their warnings seriously. As a result, when all hell broke free and the sun destroyed civilization on Earth with constant radiation and heat. Those with sufficient money or access to hidden shelters were able to flee. The game is fascinating since you are not in either of the two.

You manage to survive in the open air miraculously. You play as Raven, the game’s protagonist who must save his people and become a legend. By the will of fate, you must gradually establish a new civilisation and ensure that mankind returns to the earth’s surface. Download The Sun Origin today and embark on a perilous adventure with the vital goal of resurrecting the human race.

The Sun Origin story


The game introduces you to a soldier named Raven at the start of the story. He is the character you will play as as you explore the plot in the game’s post-apocalyptic environment. He is also humanity’s last chance.

The primary gameplay of the FPS genre is taken over by The Sun Origin. You will wander throughout the landscape, seeking for NPCs to assist. Look for an item, look for other troops to beg for assistance, or destroy all of the monsters and various forms of opponents in the area.

Raven made it through the danger. Since he is a regular person, his health will decline after his actions. Along with attempting to assist others, find food, water, and medical supplies to recuperate from injuries. Don’t forget firearms, armour, gas masks and other items to protect yourself.

Along with creatures that devour humans, the game also has an army of vicious rulers. More specifically, Chosen, who is the community’s leader in North-216. Those who refuse to obey them will be killed. So take care.

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Features of The Sun Origin

The Sun Origin is a quality action game, with a huge amount of loot and a striking arsenal of lethal gizmos. It also has superb graphics. Apart from all this, the game has other features that make it a game you would want to have on your device.

Discover Many Areas – The Sun Origin depicts a post-apocalyptic world where radiation and a variety of illnesses are a constant threat. The player’s job is to bring life back to each little location. Some individuals in the game will tell you all you need to know about what you need to accomplish. Rusty Wasteland, Lands of Community, Lands of Bunker-216, Warehouse, and other locations must be explored. Raven will undoubtedly meet difficulties and risks while exploring all of these regions. This demands the necessity to enhance combat abilities in order to survive in a tough and dangerous environment.

Stealth Action – this game is a first-person shooter (FPS) with RPG elements. It has its own history, a huge arsenal of classic weapons and armor, hundreds of tasks, trade, mutants, fighting factions, prowlers, and bandits. Buy and explore the best weapons from the merchants. You can also improve them to suit your situation. You need the best equipment for stealthy action! After all, your primary objective goal is to save your entire community from the pangs of hunger. There is a real struggle for survival since there are not only monsters that eat people, but also killer armies of ruthless lords. Most notably, the leader of the North-216 Community is willing to kill anyone who disobeys them.

The Sun Origin mod apk 1024x639

Mod Info :

Unlimited Money – You must download the most recent version of The Sun Origin if you want to win more money in this game. You may purchase more powerful and sophisticated weapons, ammo, and even skill upgrades for the character with the endless money collects. You can view the characters’ current skills on the skills and abilities menu and enhance them with statistic points. Among a variety of other chores, aiding NPCs will earn you these points.

Save Your Data –As you play, you may store all of the data and information in the game. A player can use this tool to store data, replace existing game records, or generate new ones. This information allows the player to resume where they left off, especially when switching to a different device. They merely need to auto sync and pick up where they left off on the new device.


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