The 22 Best WordPress Cache Plugins (2021)

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WordPress cache has its complexities and many people find it tedious. Trying to explain such technology can be as much as writing a book. However, the application of this technology can be illustrated with a simple example. What will be the equation of 2 multiplied by 10? Well, most people will say very quickly and simply, that the answer is 20. The reason for the high speed of answering such a question is the default storage of this data in people’s minds. The answer is actually preserved, without the need for calculation. This example shows how a website works and plays a role.

Tens, hundreds or thousands of users may visit the pages of a website during the month, without changing the content of the pages. In such a situation, it would certainly be great if the server could somehow be able to store the information at once and display it to other users.

What is a cache?

In short, when each page of the website is visited, the data and information are evaluated and processed by the server (including database information) and then the final result is sent from the server to the user’s browser. The result is a page of your website that contains all the necessary components to display it in full. Your website may contain a header, images, a list, or a blog. In this case, it takes time for the server to process all of these requests and provide the user with a full webpage. This is especially true for large or old websites.

This is where the WordPress cache plugin comes into play and, depending on its settings, will command the server to store files on disk or RAM. In this way, all processed pages are statically maintained on the server, and as a result, site pages will be loaded directly from the saved file the next time. As a result, the loading speed of the website will increase dramatically. Basically, caching reduces the amount of processing required to generate a web page and is one way to speed up a site in WordPress .

Why is caching so important?

This mechanism is very important, because it reduces the load on the host servers, and as a result, the performance and efficiency of the website will increase. On the other hand, improving the speed and performance of a website improves the user experience and encourages them to visit other pages of the site. At the same time, it will help increase user interaction with the site and the duration of users’ presence on it.

A faster website will help you get better SEO and get more traffic from organic search results. Because Google will give higher speeds to websites with higher speeds and the probability of getting higher rankings for them will increase.

Why do we need a cache plugin?

Without the WordPress cache plugin, it will be necessary for the server to reprocess the content each time a user visits the site, even if the relevant content has already been viewed by him or her or another user.

A caching plugin:

  • Increases website speed.
  • Improves the user experience of using the website.
  • Reduces the use of server resources
  • Improves SEO
  • Reduces the TTFB parameter (time of receiving the first bytes).

These plugins create a static HTML page for each page on a website that is stored on the server. Whenever someone visits your site, the plugin displays a lighter HTML version instead of processing heavy PHP scripts.

Out of the large number of these plugins, how can the best option be identified and installed? In fact, it is impossible to identify the best and fastest plugin, and depending on the content of the website, an efficient plugin for one may not work for another website. However, of all these plugins, some are generally of better quality than others.

Compare a website, with and without a cache plugin

We performed several speed tests with the caching plugin to evaluate the difference in overall speed and TTFB.

Test without cache plugin

We first ran 5 tests on the online Pingdom tool, without activating the cache, and averaged it.

Speed ​​test after activating the cache

Then, we activated the server level cache plugin and performed 5 speed tests on Pingdom and finally averaged.

As you can see, the server level cache has reduced the page load time to 23.04%! This website that was tested was already somewhat optimized. We will definitely have more differences with larger and less optimized websites.

TTFB without cache

As mentioned earlier, it is important to note the difference between TTFB without cache and with cache. The TTFB in Pingdom is indicated by a yellow “waiting” bar. As you can see, TTFB without cache is more than 200 milliseconds.

 TTFB with cache

Now if we look at TTFB after activating the cache, we will see that it will be less than 40 milliseconds.

The best WordPress cache plugins

If you want to manage your server, or use shared hosting, using cache plugins is recommended. Some of them are easier to work with than others, but at the same time, all of them are considered efficient during the evaluations. Many blogs try to compare the speed of storage and cache plugins and offer a list of the best. Of course, it will be almost impossible to determine the best plugin, because each of these plugins will work differently depending on the type of server, structure and configuration, resources and physical condition.

It’s unfair to think of one plugin as the fastest, because what works for one user may not work for another. It should be noted that there are hundreds of different settings that can be enabled or disabled. Therefore, it is recommended that you try WordPress cache plugins yourself. Always try to fairly test WordPress cache plugins in terms of speed, functionality and performance.

Here, we will review a list of the top WordPress cache plugins. If you are interested and want to learn more about the details of each of the available plugins, read on.

It is recommended that you try at least two or three WordPress cache plugins and decide for yourself based on your experience. For example, among the available components, you may prefer some cache plugins that are more user-friendly than others.

We suggest that after running each plugin, use the appropriate tools to test the speed of the website, such as Pingdom or GTMetrix or similar tools. In this way, you will see the impact of each plugin on how your website works.

A set of WordPress cache plugins

Important Note : Remember to run the speed test several times to make sure you are using an efficient plugin that fits your website. Once the WordPress cache on a website is cleared, you will need to rebuild it again. In some cache plugins, it updates the cache preload option after clearing.

Cache plugins, in addition to speeding up your website, can sometimes send messages such as “Update not available”. Your WordPress database has already been updated! ”, Caused by an error caused by the plugin used on your website.

In the following, we will explain about the best WordPress cache plugins and their efficiency.

1. WP Rocket plugin

WP Rocket is a non-free cache plugin in WordPress. Technically, you will only have to pay once for this plugin. If you continue to use this plugin, there will be annual support and it will be updated regularly over time. That way, the cost of using a cache plugin would be $ 39 for one website, $ 99 for three websites, and $ 199 for an unlimited number of websites. There is no free version for this plugin and the mentioned amounts confirm its quality guarantee. However, there will be a 14-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. It should be noted that this plugin is offered at a reasonable price on website and you always have access to its update.

One of the reasons that WP Rocket plugin is considered as a desirable option is its simple user interface and quick configuration. This WordPress cache plugin works on your website with considerable speed and has a simple setup mechanism that will be easily understood even by novice users.

Store websites require high loading speed and it is worth noting that the WP Rocket plugin works very well on such websites. In general, you may have a question mark in the presence of free cache plugins, why should you choose WP Rocket and even pay for it. The reason for this is the many features and simplicity of working with this plugin.

For example, the WP Super Cache plugin has page caching capabilities, but it does not have a browser cache feature. While the WP Rocket plugin has both features. Or the Hyper Cache plugin does not have the capability of organic search results, but WP Rocket gives you this feature. The list goes on and on, but the important thing is that the WP Rocket plugin is worth the cost.

Why WP Rocket is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress?

WP Rocket provides a good user experience for professionals, while at the same time having a simple dashboard even for beginners. This is especially important when you know that many standard cache plugins are sophisticated for beginners.

  • Setting up the plugin is very simple for all users.
  • There is a ability to optimize the database in this plugin.
  • Lazyload feature is provided in WP Rocket plugin. Enabling this feature will not load page images until you reach them by scrolling. Therefore, server performance is reduced.
  • CloudFlare compatibility is available for users.
  • WP Rocket is compatible with some of the top multilingual site plugins.
  • This plugin is compatible with the Multisite WordPress feature.
  • There is a cache preload feature.
  • Minifai tools and integration of CSS and JS files are provided.
  • One of the special features of this plugin is the ability to optimize Google fonts. This feature is not seen in any other plugin.
  • Cache Object is supported.

2. Cache Enabler plugin

Cache Enabler is a free plugin from the KeyCDN team. The cache generator engine of this plugin is fast and reliable, and at the same time it supports the Multisite feature of WordPress, and this is good news for those who have a network of websites. Cache Enabler is a premium cache plugin with no price tag. You will not get all the features of WP Rocket by installing this plugin, but it is a good free alternative for those who are not looking to spend money.

The developers of Cache Enabler claim that this plugin is the first plugin for creating WebP images without the need for JavaScript. If you find this phrase difficult to understand, JavaScript is a valuable coding language, but not using it can speed things up.

In general, the Cache Enabler plugin can be used with plugins such as Optimus , ShortPixel or EWWW to take advantage of this new image format. Using this format is great for store websites and blogs with lots of images.

Finally, EWWW settings are concise and useful, and include things like cache expiration dates and more. These settings should not confuse most people, as there are descriptions next to the settings.

Why Cache Enabler is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress?

  • The Cache Enabler plugin has a unique way of rendering images in WebP format. You can use one of the Optimus, ShortPixel or EWWW plugins to convert images to WebP format.
  • Its interface is understandable and is one of the simplest cache plugins. There is almost no user who can not work with it.
  • The actual size of the cache files is displayed in the dashboard so that you have an idea of ​​the amount of space occupied by the Cache Enabler. This plugin is fast in producing cache and has settings for automatic cache clearing.
  • JavaScript and HTML minifix capability is also available.
  • Along with Cache Enabler, you can use the Autoptimize plugin to take advantage of other features such as optimizing the loading of CSS files.

3. Comet Cache plugin

Comet Cache plugin has two versions, free and Pro. Comet Cache has the same features as the plugins introduced so far, but it has the advantage of having strong documentation.

Comet Cache is easy to install and easily accessible from the WordPress dashboard. But in terms of documentation, it is superior to others, and even on the WordPress plugin page, there are many links for more information.

There is a lot of information in the Comet Cache plugin blog and you will see a lot of information comparing the free version and the Pro version. One of the most important reasons to use Comet Cache Pro is its automation capability. You can relax your mind about cache with just one adjustment. The free version has similar features, but most of the time you have to do a lot of things manually. There is also a browser cache feature in the Pro version.

Why Comet Cache is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress?

  • Comet Cache plugin implementation is fast and has good backend.
  • Cache is created for a variety of pages such as posts, tabs, categories and tags.
  • Pro version of this plugin has the ability to intelligently clear the cache. This way you only have to set everything up once and the next time things are done automatically.
  • There is an RSS Feed cache feature in this plugin.
  • There are many basic features in the free version, but you need to buy the Comet Cache Pro plugin to get professional features.
  • The Pro version is almost identical to the WP Rocket plugin, so we recommend that you install and install both plugins. Test both separately to see which plugin works best on your site.

4. W3 Total Cache plugin

The W3 Total Cache plugin is one of the most common cache plugins in the WordPress plugin library. Although there is a free version for it, it is a bit far from ideal. The biggest downside of the W3 Total Cache is the complexity and incomprehensibility of its settings. Professionals may be able to cope with it, but most novices are struggling with it.

As mentioned, the W3 Total Cache plugin is a free open source plugin installed on millions of sites. One of the advantages of this plugin is its ability to adapt to CDN and it works well on mobile devices as big as a touchpad. This plugin proudly declares that it is a good companion for SSL certified websites and this makes it a good choice for online stores.

The W3 Total Cache plugin has several features such as minifiles, HTTP compression and feed optimization. All these features lead to better use of bandwidth.

This plugin also has a Pro version that has more features than the free version. In general, this plugin also increases the conversion rate, because increasing the site speed is one of the factors affecting this parameter.

Why W3 Total Cache is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress?

  • The W3 Total Cache plugin is almost completely free and optimizes and speeds up your site.
  • Although you should not follow others, popularity is one of the signs of quality. W3 Total Cache has a lot of positive reviews and millions of active installs.
  • The W3 Total Cache plugin is compatible with a variety of hosts, including shared hosts, dedicated servers, and clusters.
  • Cache is also available for a mobile device. This speed of loading the site on mobile will be good for the desktop.
  • SSL support is provided.
  • Its CDN feature is compatible with the site’s image library, so your website will be more optimized.
  • Minifa and compression are available along with database cache, object cache on disk, and post cache.
  • Object caching is supported.

5. WP Super Cache plugin

WP Super Cache is another open source WordPress plugin that is installed on millions of sites. You will often find cache plugins called WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. If you are planning to use free plugins, we suggest that you install each of these two separately and evaluate the performance of the website to find out a better plugin for your site. Some people may be more interested in the WP Super Cache plugin, as it is made by the popular Automatic group.

However, WP Super Cache is free and open source and does not require upgrade after installation. This plugin stores static HTML versions of pages well to provide users with PHP instead of processing heavy scripts.

One of the advantages of using WP Super Cache plugin is that it has three options. One of those modes is called Simple Mode and a regular WordPress user can activate it with minimal risk. Another mode is Expert Mode, which is for professional users. In this case, changes are also made to the .htaccess file. This mode is suitable for people who are interested in managing more on the cache process.

For most people, we recommend Simple Mode. In this type of configuration, setting up WP Super Cache is easy and the cache, cache update and CDN support capabilities are enabled. Additionally, you can disable the cache on the votes of some known users. You can also make sure the home page of the website is optimized.

One of the best parts of WP Super Cache is the garbage collecting feature. In short, your cache folder will become bulky after a while and will cause the site to slow down. So WP Super Cache in a process, detects old caches and clears them so that the website is at its best.

Why WP Super Cache is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress?

  • WP Super Cache is very popular and can enable cache capability regardless of the size of your website.
  • It is free and open source and is supported by a reputable team. Therefore, it is regularly updated and will not be out of the market any time soon.
  • The WP Super Cache interface has many settings and is easy to activate even for beginners.
  • The plugin has a mechanism for deleting old files and therefore the cache process will always be done with maximum speed.
  • WP Super Cache supports CDN.
  • You have a variety of modes from simple to advanced. This makes the plugin usable for different skill levels from beginners to professionals.
  • The plugin has a feature called Cache Rebuilding that refreshes the cache at times like inserting a comment on the page to update its content for visitors.

Unfortunately, there is not much documentation for this plugin and information about this plugin is limited to the WP Super Cache page in the WordPress repository.

6. WP Fastest Cache plugin

WP Fastest Cache plugin

As you can see, many WordPress cache plugins have fairly similar names. WP Fastest Cache Free version is no exception, but it has features that make it respectable alongside other plugins. This plugin has both free and premium versions that can be purchased and downloaded from WordPress Market.

The Premium version has tools that are not available in the free version. The free version can satisfy many users. For example, there are features of desktop cache, HTML minifix and integration of CSS and JS files in the free version. But if you are looking for more advanced features, you should switch to the Premium version.

Browser cache and GZip tools are also available in the free version. In general, WP Fastest Cache will increase the speed of the site and upgrade it and can make a big difference. The plugin settings page has several checkboxes. This page could be improved with more details next to each option. There are also tabs for managing other items such as cache expiration time, image optimization, and CDN.

Why WP Fastest Cache is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress?

  • The free version is useful for most websites, but in our view the Premium version works better and you will have a faster site.
  • The plugin settings page is relatively easy to understand and includes checklists for activating various features.
  • Upgrading the plugin is simple and you just need to download the Premium version and then install it on WordPress.
  • Ability to merge CSS and JavaScript files.
  • CDN compatibility without much configuration.
  • There is the ability to compress images next to the cache, so you can use the server space more efficiently.
  • There is a feature called mobile version cache in the plugin that you can separate the mobile cache from the desktop.

Unfortunately, there is no official and complete documentation for this plugin in one place, but in the blog of this plugin, there are separate and various tutorials for different sections.

7. Hyper Cache plugin

Hyper Cache plugin can be used on a variety of servers from regular to high resource servers. Hyper Cache plugin is free and open source and there is no need to worry about future upgrades.

Some of its important features include quick installation, being suitable for beginners and not having too many confusing settings. The cache works well in this plugin. In addition, Hyper Cache works well with the bbPress plugin. So if you want to create a forum with bbPress , using Hyper Cache is a good option, because all your forum pages will be cached well.

The most important aspect of Hyper Cache is its ease of implementation. Hyper Cache is one of those plugins that once set up, you can have no worries in the future. Some of its features may have strange names, but in general there are suggestions about activating features and information about them in the plugin itself.

Why Hyper Cache is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress?

  • Using this plugin does not require any payment. Hyper Cache is completely free and open source.
  • This plugin is compatible with mobile devices and works well on them.
  • There is CDN support for maximum speed.
  • Hyper Cache plugin has the option to provide cached pages for users who post comments on the site. This option is great for blogs with lots of comments. So if there are a lot of conversations under the site posts, you can ensure the high speed of loading such pages with this option.
  • Compression capability is available for all pages, even those that are not cached.
  • This plugin has the ability to detect the shell switch to mobile mode.
  • An interesting feature of Hyper Cache is moving the cache folder out of your blog. This feature allows site backups to be smaller.

8. Cachify plugin

Cachify plugin has a variety of caches and is also compatible with the Multisite WordPress feature. This plugin has a score of 4.7 out of 5 in the WordPress repository and also has 20,000 active installs.

In the tests we performed with this plugin, the site loading speed in GTmetrix was reduced by about 0.78 seconds and the site speed was increased by 27.9%. In the Pingdom test, the site speed was reduced by 0.74 seconds, which was equivalent to 21.14%. Such results have made this plugin quite a respectable plugin.

9. WP-Optimize plugin

WP-Optimize has two versions, free and Premium, and its developers are the same developers of the famous UpdraftPlus backup plugin. This plugin has a high number of installations in the world.

The WP-Optimize plugin speeds up your site by cleaning up the database, compressing images and creating caches.

  • Database Cleanup: This plugin is able to clean up unnecessary database data and extra tables, thus making your website faster and more efficient.
  • Image compression: This reduces the use of server resources and speeds up the site by reducing the volume of pages.
  • Cache generation: Cache capability like other plugins with minimal settings.

10. Breeze plugin

Breeze is a plugin that is currently free and is one of the most popular cache plugins in WordPress. The main reason for its popularity is its simplicity and good performance. This plugin gives you the ultimate in caching and efficiency.

One of the special features of Breeze over other plugins is Varnish support. This plugin, along with CDN support, is perfect for beginners. Just enable the cache feature along with the HTML, CSS and JS minifixes.

Breeze features include:

  • CDN compatibility
  • Minimal HTML, CSS and JS (even those inline HTML code)
  • Combine CSS and JS files
  • GZip compression
  • Browser cache

Breeze Benefits:

  • It is easy to use and very light.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Compatible with the latest PHP version.
  • Compatible with page builder plugins

Disadvantages of Breeze:

  • There are not many options for more professional users

11. Hummingbird plugin

Hummingbird is a site performance optimization plugin from the WPMUDev team. As soon as it is activated, the plugin starts scanning the site for optimized points and provides detailed settings for compressing files, minifa and browser cache.

In addition to speeding up the site, the Hummingbird plugin earns a higher score in the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. Not to mention that there are more features in the Hummingbird Free version that can be downloaded from WordPress Market.

Hummingbird Plugin Features:

  • Reduce the size of CSS and JS files
  • Merge CSS and JS files
  • Upload JS files in footer
  • Gzip compression
  • Browser cache
  • CDN support

Benefits of Hummingbird:

  • Compatible with other WordPress cache plugins
  • Enjoy the advanced feature of Minifa
  • Provide a detailed report of the website operation

Disadvantages of Hummingbird:

  • The free version lacks advanced features.

12. WP Speed ​​of Light plugin

WP Speed ​​of Light is a complete plugin that provides several features in the WordPress dashboard. The purpose of all these features is to speed up your website by using the suggested techniques. WP Speed ​​of Light is not just a cache plugin, but also offers other optimizations including HTML, CSS and JS combinations and minifigures along with GZip compression and browser cache.

WP Speed ​​of Light Features:

  • GZip compression
  • Minimal HTML, CSS and JS files
  • Merge CSS and JS files
  • Merge fonts and Google fonts
  • Browser cache

Benefits of WP Speed ​​of Light:

  • Cache for mobile devices
  • Cache for tablet devices
  • Desktop cache

Disadvantages of WP Speed ​​of Light:

  • Its full features are not available in the free version (WP Speed ​​of Light plugin add-ons can be downloaded from WordPress Market)

13. Swift Performance plugin

Swift Performance made a lot of noise at the time of its introduction, and the plugin was talked about almost everywhere. Since no plugin is flawless, the negative reviews gradually increased, to the point that this plugin was also removed from the WordPress repository for a short time. This is a thing of the past and now Swift Performance is an efficient and reliable plugin.

Swift Performance has a feature called Plugin Organizer that allows you to disable some unnecessary plugins in particular tabs. Ideally, developers should load their plugin resources only when needed, but unfortunately this is not the case and we see that the resources of most plugins are loaded on all pages.

For example, you can enable the resources of the common Contact Form plugin only on the Contact Us page and prevent it from loading on other pages.

14. Sucuri Firewall plugin

Sucuri is one of the best WordPress firewalls and security plugins. This plugin also has a cache option and enables GZip compression. This plugin has firewall capability at DNS level. This position means that the cached content request is provided to the users before it reaches your website. This will increase the speed tremendously.

15. Speed ​​Up Plugin – Browser Caching

Speed ​​Up – Browser Caching is a very light plugin for WordPress. The size of this plugin is only 10KB and at the time of writing this article has 2000 installations.

In the days when cache plugins boast of their sophisticated capabilities, this plugin, unlike all, has basic capabilities, ie only cache. There are no additional settings. Just install and activate the plugin.

Too much simplicity may not be what you are looking for. Also, this plugin only works on Apache servers and unfortunately does not work on Nginx. There is no Premium version for this plugin.

Other cache plugins

Other lesser known WordPress cache plugins include:

Powered Cache : Cache plugin for WordPress that has features to increase the speed of the site. This plugin is offered in two versions, free and Premium. Features of this plugin include page cache, object cache support, mod_rewrite support, mobile cache support, cache preload and GZip compression.

Simple Cache : This plugin is free for people who are bored with the complicated settings of cache plugins. There is only one on / off option to activate the cache and you will be able to use the cache power on your website without the need for special settings. Other features of this plugin include a cache clearing button and GZip compression. There is also Advanced Mode for more professional users.

NitroPack : A versatile plugin for optimizing website performance. According to its developers, NitroPack has all the necessary features to increase the speed of the site. Cache creation, image optimization, code minifix, CDN support and Lazyload are just a few of the plugin’s features. Not to mention that this plugin is very popular for users of OpenCard content management system and has been in WordPress for some time. NitroPack is only available in the Premium version.

ezCache : A free plugin to enable cache in WordPress that helps speed up your site. This plugin is very easy to install and has features such as converting image format to WebP and reducing the size of CSS and JS files.

YASAKANI Cache : A very light plugin for creating cache in WordPress. Among the features of this plugin, we can mention the automatic clearing of the cache and creating an expiration date for them.

Cache Master : It is a very light and free plugin that activates the cache for your site and speeds up your site. This plugin supports WooCommerce and provides statistics after activation.

In addition to the introduced plugins, there are other cache plugins with specific purposes that you may be interested in checking out.

Redis Object Cache : A plugin for activating Object Cache in website backends.

LiteSpeed ​​Cache : A plugin to speed up the site that activates the cache at the server level and has many optimization features. The important thing about this plugin is that its full features are only enabled on sites with a LiteSpeed ​​server.

Summary about cache plugins

According to our tests, WP Rocket and WP Comet Cache are the fastest cache plugins. However, websites are different and another plugin may be suitable for your site.

Testing the impact of these plugins on your site is very simple. After installing and configuring each plugin, just test your website with tools like GTmetrix , Pingdom and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights . Write down the results and then move on to the next plugin. Finally, you can choose the best plugin according to the results.

If you are interested in implementing the cache plugin and choosing the best one for your site, you can leave this task to the experts of TechONFlow collection. We do all these tests on your site and after selecting the right cache plugin, we configure it well on your website.

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