Terms and Conditions

TechonFlow is an Internet marketing agency that provides a wide range of e-marketing and advertising services to its users. TechonFlow has taken this step with the aim of improving the conditions of the Persian Internet and has defined its rules according to this purpose.

Please read these rules carefully so that there is no doubt about using the services.

General regulations

  • All activities of the new website are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the laws of electronic commerce and with respect to consumer rights, and the same is expected from the users of this website.
  • The new website is allowed to edit and modify its terms and conditions at any time. However, if these rules have a direct impact on the user and his decisions, he is obliged to inform the users of the new conditions and give them the necessary opportunity to react.

New commitments

TechonFlow Company has certain obligations to its work and users, which are specified in the following:

  • TechonFlow Website undertakes to provide the user with the information needed to make a decision in a transparent and accurate manner and to work to resolve user ambiguities.
  • The new website is committed to its working principles and tries its best to apply the correct and basic solutions and principles in its activities.
  • TechonFlow Website is not responsible for the advertising and marketing content of its users and will not be liable for the accuracy of what is said. However, we suggest that you always base your work on transparency and accuracy.
  • It is natural that the new website has no control and consequently no obligation in the event of a possible outage or other sudden problems in its system, and in such cases, your patience can be of great help in resolving the problem as quickly as possible.
  • The support of the new website has been created to provide advice and solve users’ problems. However, he has no obligation to respond immediately and sometimes may not be able to respond quickly due to the high volume of calls.
  • The material ownership of the article and the content of the new website belongs to the Blogging Company, and regarding intellectual property, if the strategy, keywords and general editing have been done by the Blogging Collection, it is obvious that the intellectual property also belongs to the Blogging. Otherwise, according to the official and written inquiry of any person or organization through the contact us page, the name of the author of the article will be announced to the person or organization receiving the inquiry.

Commitments of users

New users and customers, of course, have obligations to the work of the new website, which will be as follows:

  • The activity of new users must be in line with the laws of the Islamic Republic and, of course, ethical. In case of any suspicious activity, the new website has the right to decide to terminate the cooperation with the user. If in such circumstances, an amount is received from the user and some of it is consumed, the remaining amount is calculated and returned to the user.
  • Advertising and marketing of the user should not cause annoyance to Persian web users and should preferably be in a way that clearly defines the scope of work and products / services of the user for the audience.
  • The identity and contact information of the user must be precisely known so that in case of any problems, it is possible to call and follow up.

Prohibited items

  • Violation of the privacy and legality of others in various ways
  • Activities that cause harm to others
  • Disrupting order and not observing ethics
  • Criminal cases under the Islamic Penal Code, cybercrime, e-commerce and other laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Any activity to infiltrate the new database
  • Content that directly or implicitly discriminates against a race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or gender.
  • Content with scientific claims, without providing reliable sources
  • Unproven and misleading content

Intellectual Property

All content on the TechonFlow Website is the property of Tejarat TechonFlow Media Company and is subject to domestic as well as international intellectual property laws. Therefore, the right of prosecution when observing any use of them for commercial and non-commercial purposes, without obtaining written permission, is reserved for New Commerce Media Company.


If for any reason, the new website is not able to provide the services listed on the page of its products and services, it is obliged to return the amount received from the user in full.

However, in the event that the user decides to cancel the cooperation, the new website is only obliged to return the money if the activity has not started, and if the work has started, the decision to return the money is entirely the responsibility of this website and no There is no obligation in this regard.

Dispute Resolution

In case of any problems and any differences in the provisions of this commitment, the Disciplinary Council of the Computer Guild Organization of the province will judge on its conclusion, validity, interpretation, termination, violation and implementation.

Force Major

In the event of incidents beyond the control of the new website or users, there will be no liability for the obligations set forth in this agreement. These incidents include such things as fires, earthquakes, power outages, power outages, Internet outages, floods, and so on.


All correspondence by telephone, email, telegram and other means of communication with users is fully archived so that they can be referred to in special cases.

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