Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk v6.0.0.1688 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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“Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk” – Many players may find Talking Tom Gold Run very similar to Talking Tom Hero Dash. Both of these games have one genre in common, they belong to endless runners. But still, there are differences. At least take the story. Tom’s story in this game is completely different.

One fine morning, Tom found two raccoons sneaking into the house and stealing gold. The impudence of thieves knew no limits. To return the stolen, Tom sets off on an exciting chase, and we will help him in this.

Talking Tom Gold Run – Endless Runner

 It is clear that the mini-games of the original My Talking Tom game are easy to play and simple. Based on this,  Talking Tom Gold Run is a bit more difficult. Simple on-screen actions like moving left and right or jumping up and down help Tom follow the thief’s car. Please note that there are many obstacles such as trucks, fences or walls. If you don’t want Tom to fall and have to play again from the start, you’ll have to be as focused as possible during the run. Coins will constantly fall out of the car of thieves. Help Tom collect these precious coins.

From the first minutes, the game Talking Tom Gold Run resembles Subway Surfers . Not only similar gameplay, but also the overall atmosphere and palette of bright colors. Although the hero of our review has richer locations: jungle, harbor, highway or even the bottom of the sea, etc.


Sometimes special items will appear on the maps. When activated, our cat will be endowed with supernatural powers. For example, the helmet makes Tom strong and unable to fall when he hits an obstacle, the plane lifts Tom into the air where there are no obstacles but only countless gold coins. In addition, collecting gold is even easier with the help of special magnets.


Special Events

On big holidays (Christmas, New Year, etc.), Talking Tom Gold Run hosts special events where you can earn some extra money. Users of our site should not wait for Halloween to earn free coins. You can download a modified version of the game from the link below this review. By installing the APK file on your smartphone or tablet, a huge amount of free coins will appear on your virtual account.


After each mission is completed, in addition to getting a certain amount of gold, you can get treasure chests. In addition, completing larger tasks will reward Tom with special insignia.


Who will be interested in the game Talking Tom Gold Run?

If you are a fan of cute cat Tom, you should not ignore this extremely addicting toy. Talking Tom Gold Run is suitable for all ages, including kids. Join the adventure with Tom and his cute friends by downloading the app from the attached links below.

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