Space shooter – Galaxy attack Mod Apk v1.610 (Unlimited Money/Medals)

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Galaxy Attack is a well-known top-down space shooter. The general ambiance and gameplay elements of the project were definitely influenced by classic console shooters during its development. Due of the game’s abundance of locations and levels, engage in numerous space fights. The player will have the option to acquire more sophisticated models in addition to making improvements to the current ship. The designers propose to improve your starfighter’s appearance, but it is preferable to concentrate on combat strength in order to successfully repel the invaders. We have Galaxy on Fire 3 and Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for shooter fans.


Despite the ease of control in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, the levels must be attempted. Each one has multiple waves of enemies with a boss at the end of the battle. Victory over each primary villain results in a plethora of benefits, including money, crystals, and even weapon materials. The game includes enough stages and places to keep you interested while you fight the alien invaders. Regular updates from the creators will keep the gamer entertained no matter how much time he spends in it.


Gather what has fallen

Bonuses and gifts are available not only after conquering the bosses. Obtain all types of equipment from normal, silver, and gold chests. There are galactic chests, which come in ordinary, epic, and rare varieties. You can also complete a variety of daily and long-term tasks, which award the player crystals. Furthermore, there are daily awards for visiting the game.

Status and alliances

Because the game contains an online option, the makers made certain that players from all over the world may not only compete with one another, but also form alliances and enter the next space fight with the entire herd. The rating system is another component of the game.

Graphics and sound 

Despite the fact that Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack has a retro feel to it, the graphics in the shooter are pretty current. The developers attempted to provide a vibrant, energetic, and well-controlled gameplay experience. Although the player is not required to perform any further actions, the game appears appealing and vibrant.

The sound is also enjoyable. This adds dynamism to both the game and the player’s behaviour, encouraging him to achieve bigger feats.

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