The Difference between SEO and Google AdWords! Which one is best for your business?

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SEO is a process through which you can optimize your site for introduction to search engines. Advertising on Google AdWords is a digital marketing campaign or paid advertising campaign through which your site appears in the top Google results. But which process is most effective for your business? In this blog post, we will introduce you to the difference between SEO and Google AdWords advertising , choosing SEO or AdWords for businesses and using these two processes at the same time.

AdWords and SEO are the most important components of search engine marketing (SEM) and are one of the best tools when managing digital marketing campaigns .

They have differences and similarities, and there are times when you should use them together or use them separately depending on your business and marketing goals.

What is Google AdWords?

If you are new to digital marketing, you may have heard people talk about PPC advertising , and AdWords and phrases like PPC are bidding without knowing what those words mean.

Do not worry, the purpose of this post is to make you understand these phrases. Let’s start.

Google AdWords is an advertising platform run by Google. Advertisers can use this platform to place their ads on the pages of Google search results, Google products ( YouTube , Gmail , etc.) and thousands of other websites that act as publishers in the AdWords program (called Google AdSense). Give.

As an advertiser, you can pay when someone clicks on your ad (cost per click) or when people see your ad (CPM or cost per thousand impressions).

The whole AdWords system is like a big bidding contest where advertisers compete for a place in advertising.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be better done on the search results pages of Google , Yahoo , Bing and other search engines. In order to achieve this, you need to make sure that your website is search engine friendly.

A search engine friendly website is easy to read by search engines and is easily used by users.

You can refer to the SEO tips I have outlined for the most important configurations you need to apply to your website in order to make it search engine friendly, but the general idea is that you are a fast and functional website with unique content. Have the person provide a good experience to the end user.

What is the difference between SEO and AdWords?

Now that you have a general idea about AdWords and SEO, let’s compare them:

AdWords is for Google sites and websites that use Google Adsense, while SEO rules apply to all search engines.

AdWords traffic is paid while SEO traffic is free (this is believed in the industry, but in another post I will explain why this is not true)

AdWords appears at the top and bottom of Google search results, and you can get one of those ads under certain conditions, but you have to work harder in SEO to get one of those top positions. Get organic search results.

AdWords is faster than SEO because you create ads campaigns that are almost fast and start getting the traffic you want, while in SEO, you have more time (especially for new websites). You need to be able to get good rankings and traffic.

With AdWords, calculating ROI is easier, while with SEO, it is more difficult because there are many factors involved and not just advertising revenue and expenditure.

When you stop the AdWords campaign, your traffic stops, but when you start getting organic traffic with SEO, it will last a long time.

With AdWords you can target many keywords at once, while with SEO you only need to focus on a few keywords to get better results.

With AdWords you can focus on Google websites and websites that use Google Adsense, but SEO results are only for results pages.

Which ones are best for you?

New campaigns can start with AdWords.

When you started as an SEO agency, the main goal of our internet marketing campaigns was to help our customers get traffic from search engines with SEO.

This is our goal today, but over the years, and given the experience we have with customers in different fields, we have come to realize that business owners sometimes need faster results, which is why AdWords is useful. She eats.

The biggest advantage of AdWords over SEO is that you can get faster results.

You have to pay for every visit you make to AdWords, but if your campaign makes a profit, you can spend your money on the PCC and achieve your business goals.

AdWords is great for startups and new campaigns that aim to sell, find new customers, and even test products, trends, the impact of their website, and any other component of sales with their marketing processes that quickly generates traffic.

The above statement is true only if you use AdWords wisely and prudently. It’s very easy to start spending money on AdWords, and if you do not have the right monitoring tools and controls, you will lose instead of profit.

What I always tell my clients about AdWords is that if you do not use it properly, it is as if you are gambling, where you hopefully spend your money and think you will get it back, but It never happens that way.

So while this system is easy to use (and you can spend more money) if you do not have the knowledge and experience to run AdWords campaigns, save your money and hire professional companies to do so. Do for you (preferably AdWords partners) and

This is the best approach so you do not waste your money and you benefit from AdWords.

Don’t forget SEO

While it may be a good idea to start with AdWords because of its speed, you should  also work with SEO, content marketing and social media to get better results. These three tools are all you will need for your long-term online success.

Content marketing will help you generate the right content, SEO will help you optimize your content for search engines, you will get more traffic, and social media will get your SEO optimized content to more audiences. Delivers.

But can Google Ads tools be used for SEO purposes?

Google Ads has a suite of tools that you can use to optimize your site. The keyword tool helps you find a list of keywords related to your business that has been searched a lot, you can later integrate them into your site content. You can also use the Google Ads tracking tool to see if changes to your site and campaign bring you more traffic and conversions.

Google also offers a free non-Google AdSense tool for small businesses. Google Analytics Search Analytics can track which queries get the most traffic to your site, even if you haven’t used Google Ads recently.

Do I have to use AdWords and SEO at the same time?

Some people admit that you do not need to use AdWords when you receive SEO traffic, but this is a wrong attitude.

Even if you have a good ranking, you can use AdWords and get more exposure for the same keywords you get from SEO traffic.

You can evaluate the performance of your AdWords campaigns and if they benefit you, you can increase your budget for a higher ROI.

If you use SEO and AdWords properly, they will work well together. Brands that closely track their rankings and organic traffic can strategically use AdWorz to increase their traffic to relevant keywords, and bring in paid traffic to rank well in the organic rankings. Do not need.

AdWords can also use specific keywords to test customer response. For example, brands can do ads for keywords that are optimized for them. They can later track customers who have clicked on the ad and see how far they have entered the landing page and the rest of the site. Keywords that bring visitors higher rates and more engagement have a higher priority than those that do not. Similarly, keyword data from SEO can be used to find the right opportunities in AdWords. Showing keywords that have high search rates, which are also highly competitive, means that it will be difficult to get a place on the SERP home page. This looks like a good candidate for an AdWords campaign. This refinement process can be applied to the main search engines and to all channels that work for SEO, such as native and vertical search engines.

As a brand builds a digital marketing strategy , understanding the different roles of AdWords and SEO in building a web presence is essential to success. Finds more.

So which one is better to use for marketing, SEO or AdWords?

The answer is obvious, both of them. Use AdWords to get traffic and work on your SEO, content marketing plan and social media campaigns in parallel. To be able to get organic returns and traffic from social networks.


AdWords and SEO are not competitors, but they are two powerful tools in the field of digital marketing. You can choose AdWords when you want fast traffic, but need SEO for long-term and sustainable online success.

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