Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Mod Apk v1.0.60.17 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk – Rise of Kingdoms for Android is an attractive mobile strategy game from Lilith Games. The game takes us back in time and asks us to help one of the legendary civilizations. You must start building a powerful empire and lead your army into battle to conquer all other countries on the map.

Key Features of Rise of Kingdoms for Android

This strategy is actively downloaded by people from all over the world. They choose this project for a reason. The game has a lot of cool unique features, which we will list below.

Choose your empire

At the beginning of Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, you will need to choose a civilization. Choose wisely, as each civilization has its own advantages and disadvantages. But they are all equal in their strengths and capabilities. The game has no problems with balance. Eight empires are currently represented, including Rome, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, China, France, Japan, and Korea.

For example, if you are a brute force lover, you can choose Rome. On the other hand, China is a country with a fast pace of construction and its defensive capabilities are also an advantage. If you like to use your archers and allies from other countries, you should choose Great Britain. The impressive healing power of France is an asset to this civilization that you must consider if you want to choose it.


Create and Exploit Resources

Managing and constructing buildings is an interesting and popular activity in the game. Unlike Pocket City , in which you only need to build a city, Rise of Civilizations is a huge empire.
Creating the perfect civilization is not only about invading other countries, but you also need to design streets, build lots of buildings, and use limited resources wisely. Building farms is an important part of the game so that you can provide enough food for your state. An army of other civilizations might invade and destroy everything you’ve built. Therefore, the creation of a strong army and defensive system is essential.

In Rise of Civilizations , building elements are divided into three parts, including economy, army, and buildings. You should pay attention to the first 2 points. Since the buildings are inaccessible from the start, so you need to upgrade the town hall to unlock them.
The economic projects are: farm, lumber factory, quarry, gold mine… All of them are aimed at producing food and gold to maintain your empire.
Military jobs are: stable, hospital, castle, barracks… Their task is to train soldiers and protect your empire from attacks. The more troops you have, the easier it is to attack other countries or defend your civilization.


Manage your army

In the game, soldiers are divided into different types according to their abilities. Warriors are effective for attacking enemy soldiers. The slinger uses a slingshot to attack the enemy from afar. Scouts play an important role. They can discover secret locations and gather information about the enemy. They also find villages with a huge amount of resources and technologies to help you build your civilization.

As the armed forces grow and the number of troops increases, you need to recruit talented commanders who will help you in leading the army. Each commander will have different talents. Some are capable of commanding attacks. Others have the ability to build a good defensive strategy that helps protect your empire. Therefore, placing commanders in appropriate positions depending on their skills is very important.

Graphics and sound

Rise of Civilizations has beautiful graphics. The background music belongs to European folklore with a lively sound that makes the player feel like they are in a real battle. However, many icons are small and poorly optimized on the phone screen. Of course, in the next updates the game will be improved.

What else is in Rise of Kingdoms for Android?

In the game Rise of Kingdoms , the player has to complete many tasks. You can find them by clicking on the special icon (a piece of parchment and a quill) on the left side of the screen. Completing these missions will earn you additional rewards. In addition, players can complete daily tasks if they want to receive more rewards and increase activity points. When you get certain activity points, you can open chests filled with prizes and valuable items.



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