What is Quality Score in Google Ads

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In this article from Google Search Ads Training Series, we want to talk about Quality Score, which directly affects the cost and ranking of your ad. Knowing the right quality score in Google search can guarantee your success, and not understanding it properly will fail you!

What is Quality rating of google Ads

in one Sentence, Google Ads Gives your ad a quality score of 10 and uses this criterion in ranking your ad. The higher the score, the happier you will be! This means that in addition to reducing your costs, Google will put your ad higher and rank higher.

The quality of your work is more important to Google than the cost you pay.

Take a look at the fact that if the quality of your work is higher, Google will appreciate and thank you. Because you have satisfied the users and Google is willing to pay for your efforts Less Your ad will rank higher Put. I repeat once again that this is a 3-win game! Customer، Advertiser And Google All three are winners of this game!

Of course, there is the opposite. This means that you may get a low score and Google will not be willing to show your ad and if it wants to show it, it will cost you a lot!

As you can see in the chart below, The higher your score, the lower your advertising cost (significantly).

But to know how this score, which is so important and effective, is measured and what the criteria are, read the rest of the article.

How is the quality of an ad measured?

Well, so far we have learned that the quality of advertising is very important in our advertising rankings and costs. Now let’s take a closer look at what exactly Google Ads rates? Does the natural position of the site (SEO) affect this score? (Let me answer you right now: No, not at all).

In general, Google considers 3 different criteria for rating your ad, which are:

  1. Click rate
  2. Ad relevancy
  3. User experience of landing page

In the following, we will thoroughly examine each criterion.

Expected click-through rate (Expected Clickthrough Rate)

Google Ads clickthrough rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number of inputs of your ad to the number of impressions. In other words, Click-through rate means that out of the number of users who have seen your ad, how many have clicked on it.

For example, a 10% click-through rate means that out of 100 people who have seen your ad, only 10 have clicked on it and entered your site. Now whatever your click rate higher Be, Google Score more On this indicator. Why?

The reason is quite clear. Suppose you are looking to buy a handsfree yourself. Do a Google search for “handsfree online shopping”. Some ad text will be displayed to you. Which do you choose? Your choice is probably an ad that has at least the following features:

  1. Be attractive; It means to attract your attention and motivate you to click on it.
  2. Be relevant; This means whether this site has the product you want or not.
  3. Be transparent; That is, it is clear what the seller is looking for and what services he has.

Now, the higher your ad click rate, the higher Google will rank your ad. The reason is simple: a higher click-through rate means your ad text is better than your competitors’ ads, and more users like it.

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Personally, if I see an ad that has more interesting literature and I am sure that it meets my needs, I will definitely click on the same. Keep in mind that when Google sees an ad displayed a lot of times but very few users click on it, it concludes that the ad may not be of good quality and may not attract users. So it’s a small bonus for this ad.

You can see in your user panel (if you have access to it) exactly what Google has given you on the click-through rate index for each keyword. Your score will be one of the following:

  • Above average
  • On average
  • Below average

A status above average indicates your click-through rate Desirable And users are satisfied with your ad text. The situation is not very bad on average, but somewhere Better Is becoming.

But if your click-through rate is below average, it means you have a problem with your ad click-through rate Critical Is! So you need to work fast to increase your click-through rate. In the Ad Optimization chapter, I have explained all the things you need to do to get a higher score.

Ad relevance (Ad Relevancy)

Let’s say you want to buy an Apple phone from an online store (not really!). Well, you probably go to Google and search for “buy an Apple phone”.

You will see several different ads. What happens if the text of an ad on one of the sites says: “Online sales of Samsung phones” ?! Do you click on this ad? Not! It is very unlikely. Because you are not looking for a Samsung phone.

In other words, there is no proper connection between what you are looking for and the ad text you are viewing. So Google is suddenly attacking the advertiser, what is this, sir / madam? Why is what the user wants different from what they see in the ad text? Now that this is the case, I would like to give a little credit to your ad!

The relevance of Google ads to site contentBut the problem does not end here! Once again, let’s say you search for “buy an Apple phone”, and the ad text you see also says “Apple phone special sale”. That is, the advertiser is telling you that he is selling an Apple phone on his site.

So far so good. But When you click on the ad, you will enter the Samsung products page! Here again, Google, like Batman, lands on the advertiser. What is this, sir / madam? Why redirect the user to a page that has nothing to do with it? Now that this is the case, I give you a few points!

What do we conclude from the above stories? That our ad and site should be relevant to the user’s needs. In other words, the relevance of the ad occurs in two stages. First, the text of your ad should be relevant to the phrase that the user is searching for, and second, the user should be redirected to a relevant page of your site. in one word, Show the user what he wants.

Therefore, when you get a good score in the relevancy criterion of the ad: The word searched by the user is related to the ad text, and the ad text is related to the page to which we are sending the user. A user searching for an Apple phone will see in the ad text that you are selling an Apple phone, and when it clicks on your ad, it will go to the page where your Apple phone is located.

This means creating a very good and logical communication path from the beginning of the user search to entering the site. So you have to try to create this path correctly to get a higher score from Google.

This criterion is known as the previous criterion with three points, which are:

  • Above average
  • On average
  • Below average

Above average, your ad is relevant to users (and Google) and seeks to meet the needs of users in the best possible way. The average situation means you have to work a little harder to make your ad more relevant.

But the lower-than-average is worrying. Make sure you use the right keywords in your ad text. Also try to redirect the user to a relevant page of your site. Obviously, a user looking for an Apple phone will be disappointed if they enter your Samsung product page and are unlikely to buy anything from you. In the Advertising Optimization chapter, we examine all of these in more detail; If you are interested in Google advertising,

User experience of landing page (Landing Page experience)

It must have happened to you that after leaving a site, you leave it immediately. Why? Because you probably did not like that site or the site could not gain your trust.

Maybe the site did not have attractive content or the speed of the site was so low that you regretted it! All of this means the user experience of the landing page (meaning the landing page is the page of your site that the user is redirected to after clicking on the ad).

Now what is the problem we have? That is, Google Detective can determine if a user is satisfied with your site! How? Google can easily determine how long a user is on the site. And if he sees that users immediately run away from it after clicking on the ad and entering your site, and returns to Google results, he concludes that your site is probably not a good site.

Also make sure your site is displayed well on mobile. The fact is that most people who come to your site through Google Ads are users Mobile are. Therefore, satisfying mobile users is very important for Google, and your site needs to have a good display on mobile devices and be so-called Responsive.

Google Ads does all this to make sure your site High quality And can satisfy users.

Like the previous two indicators, this indicator is known by three conditions:

  • Above average
  • On average
  • Below average

A score above the average means that your site has no problem and users have entered your site Satisfied are. Average score means you should increase the quality of your site.

But if your score is below average, you need to get started and improve your landing page. In this regard, we will introduce you to solutions in the optimization of advertising.

Very important pointAvoid using pop-ups as much as possible. Because it may reduce user satisfaction and leave your site immediately.

In general, in order to have a good landing page from the point of view of users (and Google), you should observe at least the following points in the image:

A very important point to note is that The better your site is and the more satisfied the user is with its quality, the higher your sales will ultimately be. Obviously, sites that are not attractive and do not have the right speed will have less chance of selling.

Our approach in Google Ads and in any other advertising method is not just to increase traffic. What is more important is the amount of input Conversion to the Customer They become your final. Therefore, having a good quality site, in addition to getting higher scores and reducing costs, also changes your sales.


Now it’s time to start Google ads. But before that we need to prepare for this. Preliminaries that will have a great impact on improving the result of our advertising. In the following, we will show you that How to best prepare your site for receiving entries!

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