Mini World: CREATA Mod Apk v1.0.34 (Unlimited Money/Unlock All skin)

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“Mini World 1.0.34 Mod Apk” – Mini World Royale is a battle royale-style shooter created by MINI STAR. This is a shareware project and there are no donated items, only skins. The user has a large arsenal of weapons for different styles of play. As for the gameplay itself, this is a typical battle royale – the player gets into a red flying car and goes in search of weapons. The locations are very different: an amusement park, Egyptian pyramids, mansions and so on. Be sure to look for the blue sword embedded in the stone – it kills on the first hit, but you should try to get closer to the enemy.

Mini World Royale – classic battle royale

Mini World Royale focuses on the Battle Royale mode. This mode’s essence is as follows. The game is made up of matches in which up to a dozen players can take part. The battle begins when your plane flies over the location of your battlefield. You can choose when to jump and have some control over your movement in flight, allowing you to select the best landing spot. It is critical to start the game in the correct location because you arrive without a weapon or any equipment. As a result, any more successful opponent who finds a weapon will kill you right there.


The overall goal of the battle is to be the last survivor on the map. A counter on the screen displays the number of players who have survived. The so-called safety zone appears on the map over time. You will perish if you do not visit it in time. As a result, as the battle nears its conclusion, the concentration of players in the narrowing zone increases.

Various weapons

Expect no concessions once you arrive at the location. Mini World Royale’s creators attempted to make the task as difficult for the players as possible. Even the lack of shoes will impede your movement, not to mention the lack of weapons or body armour. There will be no tips or pointers to help you find all of the necessary items and weapons. So go ahead and explore the houses, searching every locker and drawer. The more caches you search, the more likely you are to find rare armour or a powerful rifle with a telescopic sight.

In general, the arsenal in the project is standard, but there are exceptions. For example, you can arm yourself with a deadly laser sword or pick up a heavy grenade launcher and deal massive damage .

Use different strategies in Mini World Royale

Mini World Royale’s creators attempted to make the gameplay as complicated as possible. Many gamers prefer to sit in a safe hiding place in such games, waiting for most of the characters to die. This strategy will not work here because the map shrinks in size at random intervals, forcing all heroes to move closer to the centre of the map. This was done by the developers to make the passage faster and more dynamic, removing the option of sitting without a fight. If the user does not want to get into the thick of things, he can wait until the last second and then dash out into the so-called zone.


The participants who will be sent to the island are chosen completely randomly, so the same team often includes both excellent players and beginners who do not understand where and why to run. In order to somehow figure it out, the developers did a little training before the launch, helping newcomers understand the game mechanics.

Graphics and sound

Bright cartoon graphics are a distinguishing feature of Mini World Royale. Because all of the characters in this game are so small, it’s difficult to hit them. The weapon in the console looks more futuristic. As a result, it is impossible to discuss the game’s high realism, but this option is suitable for entertainment. Sound is also crucial because the user must pay attention to what is going on around him. Any distant shot or even footsteps should warn you and force you to prepare for battle.

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