How to remove the background of videos with the green screen?

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When I was a kid, I thought Harry Potter could really fly with that broomstick (Nimbus 2000), so I stealthily picked up Mr. Momeni, the caretaker of our school, and rode him so that one day he could fly ๐Ÿ™‚ But the string of fantasy is false …

A child who thought he could not fly because he was not a witch, his only problem was that he did not have a green curtain ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that I am grown up, I can put Harry Potter wherever I want … for example, in our schoolyard door and door.

Remove video background with green screen

Join us in this article to learn how to remove the background of your videos and put whatever you like in place with the same mobile phone in your hand.

First of all; What is a green curtain or a chrome curtain?

Before we learn how to change the background of the video, it is better to specify our task with this green screen.

What does green curtain mean?

We must say that the green curtain is not a strange thing at all! As the name implies, it is a green curtain. Just like the picture below:

Green screen, chrome screen, green screen, remove video background with green screen

You must have seen something similar in photography studios. This green curtain is an essential tool for performing the chromakey technique. Oh oh, it’s specialized, right? Let me explain in simple language.

What is Chromakey?

Kromaki is a cinematic filming trick that allows the director to put any background he or she wants on the actor. To do this, the actor or subject must play that sequence in front of a green screen.

This from this.
True, we are not filmmakers, but we should have become familiar with the term. Because in many places it is called a green curtain, a chromakey curtain. English is also written like this (Chroma Key).

How does Chromakey work?

The green curtain has only one purpose behind every living thing and inanimate thing. Remove the background!

After recording the video in front of the green screen, we need to remove the background with the help of a software. At this point, we ask the software: “Wherever you see this video, delete it in green!”
That software also listens to us and we stay and a video without a background.

Now we can post any photo or video we want.

Remove video background with app

To remove the video background with mobile, first of all we need an application that we can scare with those edits and the quality of our videos does not decrease. After all the research and search, we came to good results, which we will examine together.

1. Application Kine Master

The first and best application we want to introduce to you is Kine Master. One of its most attractive features is that the output of the work in this application will be extremely clean and high quality.
After you install the app, it may be a little fresh and you do not know what to do. For this reason, we suggest that you watch the video below to quickly learn how to remove the video background with Cain Master with the help of Frank (one of the kids on the new team).

2. Application Motion Ninja

This application was also introduced to us by someone, and after working with it for a while, we realized that it is worth introducing.

To remove the video background in this program, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new project. (New Project)
  2. Select the photo or video you want to put in the background. Then click add.
  3. Tap the mixer option and select the video you took in front of the green screen from the gallery.
  4. Once your green screen video is on the bottom layer, you need to click the Chroma option at the bottom of the app bar.
  5. Finally, a circle appears on the screen that you must place on the green color to remove where it was green and that’s it. Background deleted!

3. Application VShot

oh my God! Who would have thought that with the same mobile phones we have, we could remove the background of our videos and create a work of art! Don’t really hurt the hand of the person who made these apps ๐Ÿ™‚

To delete the background with Vshot, you must follow the steps below:

Now that we know the best green background video removal apps; It is better to ask ourselves some basic questions, for example …

Why should a green curtain be green?

As we explained, we are going to remove the video background, for example, with the help of the Kinemaster application.

This application wants to use Chromakey technique (Which we explained above), remove the green background color.

Reasons to use green:

Green is in stark contrast to the color of the human skin or various objects, which helps apps better identify the subject and can separate it from the background.


Remember that if you are wearing green or the object you want to capture the video from is green, you should use another color, such as a black curtain.

Should we buy green or blue curtains?

The second color that has these properties is blue. So you may encounter blue curtains when shopping.

In general, the blue screen is more for professional filmmakers with professional cameras. So it does not matter if we want to make a video with our mobile camera or eventually with a digital camera.

On the other hand, blue has a darker tonnage than green; That’s why we have to do a lot of lighting so that the background does not get dark. That way, our spending goes up a lot, so we’re saying goodbye to it right now.

We do not want to go into too much detail, but in general, knowing these two reasons, you can decide for yourself whether the green curtain is more useful or blue.

Types of chromakey curtains on the market

There are different types of green curtains or chrome curtains that you should choose the best one for you based on your needs and the type of video you want. In the following, we will examine the types of green curtains together.

Von Kromaki, Kromaki curtain, Green screen.
When shopping, you may also come across these names that make no difference, they are all the same green curtain. But you should note that to use this model, you must use the base or attach the curtain to the wall.

Chromakey base

Well, this green curtain should be attached to a place where you can use a chromakey base. These stands are usually easy to open and close and you can carry them with you. Of course, assembling it is a bit time consuming, which must be considered.

Finally, we place the horizontal bar of the base in the roll of the green curtain or we connect the curtain to the same horizontal bar with a clamp.

Green screen, chrome screen, green screen, remove video background with green screen


Braille is for more advanced uses. This means that if you work with several different curtains and different colors, we suggest that you make a braille.

The curtains are rolled up in a braille and you can use the control to open or close any of them.

Portable Kromaki Phone

As the name implies, this type of green curtain, Portability has it. This means that the material is such that you can easily collect it and put it in your bag to take a chromakey video in any place you like.

Portable green curtain, remove video background with portable green curtain

Chromakey color

There are many who, instead of buying a green screen, choose a fixed wall to make their own videos and paint it chrome. These colors, their combinations are different from ordinary colors and are made for this purpose.
If this method is suitable for you, remember that it is better to first base with a layer of primer and white paint, and after it dries, apply green paint on the wall.

Chromakey color, remove video background with green screen

Important tips for buying green curtains

  • Dimensions: You must consider the size of the screen so that the result of the video is as you want it to be.
  • Gender: The green curtains that are available in the market are usually made of polymer, fabric, velvet, etc. The best of which is velvet. But the curtain you choose should be one-color and not wrinkled.
  • Curtain color: Try to choose a green curtain that is light green in color. This way, when you shine light on the subject, more light is absorbed by the screen.
  • No reflection of light to the subject: A green curtain is good that does not shine light on the subject. Otherwise, the green light will be reflected on the subject, and then while editing the movie, the application may mistakenly remove the green light that has fallen on the subject.

Chromakey green curtain price

Currently, the price of green curtain starts from 250 thousand tomans and increases according to the dimensions and material of the green curtain.
With a simple search, you can find all kinds of green curtains with their prices in online stores.

The best online stores to buy chromakey curtains

We now offer you these three online stores:

Is it possible to take a video without a green screen?

Yes, why not!

You can start with a regular green cloth or a green cardboard. No problem at all, you progress little by little and your equipment is perfected. Of course, remember that no matter how much you pay, you will eat ๐Ÿ™‚
That is, do not expect the result to be extraordinary and perfect. After all, there must be a difference between green curtains and cardboard …

at the end

In this article, we have told you everything you need to know about the green screen, and apart from that, we have introduced you to 3 highly functional applications so that you can edit all your other videos in the best possible way and only with your mobile phone. We advise you to buy green curtains only when needed. Because there is no law that says anyone who wants to make a video must have a green screen! So if you really need a green curtain, be sure to consider the points we made in this article.

If you know a better application, be sure to introduce us in the comments section.

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