Honkai Impact 3rd Mod Apk v5.9.0 (Unlimited Crystals, God MOD)

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Honkai Impact 3 5.9.0 MOD is one of the latest games from publisher miHoYo Limited. This is the result of a combination of two of the most entertaining RPGs, Honkai and Genshin Impact . It looks like it will bring a lot of fun to fans of these two games. Honkai Impact 3 is currently available on Google Play for download on Android devices.

The project has attracted over 10 million installs and received countless positive feedback from many players. As such, it has quickly become one of the most popular RPGs on mobile today. So what is its impressive feature? Definitely graphics! Honkai Impact 3 is the game with the most beautiful graphics quality among similar games. But besides that, it has many other benefits that you may not be aware of.

Honkai Impact 3 – familiar RPG gameplay

The game features familiar action RPG gameplay. Players will take on the role of a character in the game and control it to fight. The context of the game is now based on the Guns Girl series. Therefore, to bring to life the perfect and poetic beauty of Japan is not so difficult.

The game offers players an endless journey so that they can freely explore all the magical lands. You will join other warriors in the battle against “Honkai”, a force that wants to invade the world. Be close to your teammates to fight evil forces and protect the world.

Exciting matches

Players will start by choosing a character and participating in matches in a beautiful virtual environment. The matches will take place at a fairly fast pace, and your opponents are the people of the Honkai squad and the Boss. Therefore, players need to prepare the perfect squad that combines combat ability and experience. A variety of tactics will give you an edge on the battlefield.

Every time a match ends, a new journey unfolds and there are many new things for you to discover. You will not stop anywhere, but will constantly go straight on your way. New friends, new enemies and many exciting rewards will entice players. Moreover, communication and relationships with beautiful female warriors will hold them back.

Varied character system in Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 now has many characters of different classes. In addition to the popular characters in the previous game, quite a few new characters have been added. In this launch event in particular, the game did not hesitate to allow players to own some free characters. Along with this comes a limited number of skins and weapons that you’ve always wanted.

The character class in Honkai Impact 3 is divided into 3 systems including Mech, Bio and Psy. Each character system will have many different advantages and disadvantages, forming a combat triangle that you often see in RPGs. Therefore, players should be able to choose characters in different ways to ensure optimal combat and defense.


The upgrade element is an integral part of every RPG. And Honkai Impact 3 is no exception. Upgrading characters and equipment in this game is essential for players to increase their strength in increasingly difficult battles. But it’s not easy. Players need to accumulate material shards until there are enough of them to improve the character and his equipment.

Beautiful 3D graphics

We again want to emphasize the beauty of the graphics in this game. It really hits the players by investing in context, characters, effects and movement. The design style remains the same, it is a cute and colorful anime style. In addition, the context of the game is carefully crafted to successfully convey the beauty of Japan from an anime perspective. In addition, the sound elements and effects are very lively, which greatly contributes to creating the perfect sound.

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