What is a guest post and what effect does it have on SEO?

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If you’re an expert blogger, you’re probably familiar with the term guest post. Sometimes, a writer or a business will write content for a blog or site that is neither for themselves nor for them. This type of content writing is called guest posting.

As we have mentioned in all link building articles, writing a guest post is a good opportunity to share the experience and share it with others, as well as an opportunity to increase website traffic on both sides. In addition, writing a guest post is a great way to turn the author into a well-known figure in their field and strengthen their relationship with other professionals in their field.

Since writing guest posts should be like a two-way street, one has to pay attention to certain things when entering the field to succeed. Also, the guest post makes the audience more familiar with you by writing new and interesting articles.

Sometimes websites make their audience bored by writing repetitive and monotonous content, so using a guest author can reconcile the audience with the website. Our goal in this article is to examine the various aspects of guest posting and its impact on website SEO.

Where to start writing a guest post?

Most likely, your goal in writing a guest post is one of the following:

  • Introduce your site to new audiences
  • Consolidation of its position as an “intellectual advancement” in its field of activity
  • Strengthen relationships with other professionals in your field
  • Boost your website SEO by building backlinks
  • And …

Before you start, make sure you understand your purpose for writing a guest post. This will help you find your area of ​​interest in blogging. It also gives you good ideas for inviting other bloggers to write guest posts on your site.

You may be wondering where to write a guest post? You need to find websites that are within your business (websites that are not usually your competitors!). Many of these websites have stated in their content that they are interested in receiving guest posts. You can also write letters to these websites asking them to express their interest in exchanging guest posts. Rest assured that most of these websites will be willing to work with you.

What points should we follow in writing the guest post?

Well, of course, writing a guest post (like any other job) has some tips and tricks that you need to learn before writing. Here are some important things you need to know about guest blogging:

Learn more about the content of the hosting website

Awareness of the content produced by the destination website is very important. Find out the type of keywords you are looking for by searching on the hosting website. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • For which users does the host website produce content (novice, intermediate or professional users)?
  • What kind of content do they write? Do their content have general meanings or are they specialized and educational?
  • What is the tone of Tone of Voice host site articles?

This information will help you prepare content that best communicates with the readers of the host blog.

Learn from other guest posts

Your blog may accept guest posts, but the big question is, do guest bloggers do well? Do guest posts get a lot of comments and are shared on social media?

Some sites may accept your guest post, but if this post increases the audience of the host site and does not help you to be known and increase the return traffic to your website, your performance will not be considered good.

Get to know guest bloggers

Some websites only follow posts by specific authors. but why? Well, to know the answer to this question, it is better to follow some bloggers on social networks to find out if they are bloggers, freelancers , consultants or business owners. This is especially important when you are introducing yourself to a website founder to start producing content.

Become a well-known figure on the host site

In order to increase your chances of being accepted as a guest blogger, you need to build a reputation for yourself through the hosting website.

The best way is to create an account on that website and participate in its comments section for a few weeks. You will also gain more popularity by sharing your website posts on social media. This way, when you submit your request to write a guest post to them, you will not be a complete stranger to the website owners.

The best time to write a guest post

You will not always find a golden opportunity to write a guest post, but there are important things that can be taken advantage of at the right time.

  • When a site mentions you in one of its posts or social networks.
  • When that site puts your business or your product in one of its posts.
  • When a blog publicly requests a guest post.
  • When that blog publishes another guest post.

Read the recommendations

The last thing you need to do before contacting a blog owner is read the tips needed to write a guest post. Does the blogger just want an idea for you or is he looking for a complete post? What is his preferred format for guest posting? Does he ask you to create an account and log in to WordPress?

All of these should be considered before writing a guest post to contact the blog owner.

Note the number of links in the article

When writing an article as a guest post, you should introduce yourself and your business. This is exactly the purpose of guest blogging. However, you should not refer too many links from your posts to your personal website. This will not only reduce the quality of the article but also your credibility.
Try not to use more than 3 links in your guest post as much as possible.

Guest post is valuable content, not promotional content!

We are fans of commercial blogs, but you should know that your blog should educate its readers and not just seek to elevate your position as a blogger. If your topic is related to what it has to offer, we encourage you to write it on your blog, but you should know that there is a big difference between selling yourself cheaply and offering a solution to problems.

When it comes to writing guest posts, do not assume that you are talking to a new audience that distracts you from the “educational purpose” of commercial blogging. The purpose here is to introduce you to a well-known figure in your field, introduce your name to a new audience and strengthen your connection with other bloggers.

In addition to these clear needs for creating valuable content, there are some tips for writing quality content:

  • Most of the time, the biography at the end of the post is probably the only part of your post that is going to link to your website, so make sure the phrase is completely clear and accurate.
  • There is an internal link associated with previous posts Blog Hosts note in your guest post. They will probably appreciate your search and increase their blog traffic.
  • Encourage contacts to comment and contact you in the comments. Remember that the more people who comment and share your post, the more SEO content you will see.
  • Share your guest post on your social networks and blog. This is a good move to generate more traffic to your post and your blog. This can be a nice way to thank your guest for accepting the post.
  • Use Google Analytics to track the amount of traffic generated by your guest post. This will give you more ideas through the audience and show you the best ways to improve your business.

Guest blogging is not dead!

A good thing happened when the phenomenon of guest blogging was born. An reputable website invited you to write a guest post, and it was an honor for you. This trend led to the formation of an SEO strategy that many websites embraced in order to increase the quality of their content without having to write it themselves.

In previous years, writing guest posts became a tactic for webmasters in gaining links and traffic. As a result, websites were exposed to a wealth of spam generated by fake guest bloggers. As a result, the value of writing guest posts declined. Today, webmasters need to be careful about which guest posts are on their site. If they use the content of a blogger on their site, they should be able to guarantee the quality of the content produced by that blogger.

As the phenomenon of guest blogging peaked, thousands of low-value content flooded the web. People who accepted these guest bloggers also experienced a serious decline in their credibility by producing such yellow content. As a result, many experts believe that guest posting is obsolete in today’s world, and that no one will be willing to take such a risk. But this way of thinking is wrong. Guest post is still applicable and effective!

Many people ask if writing guest posts hurts their business. Spammers (those who produce spam content) who only seek money and links from the host site have made many people in the field of blogging oppose writing guest posts. As we believe in the importance of educating our audience, here are some tips to help you:

Writing guest posts with a few backlinks is a great way to increase your website traffic and rank it higher in Google searches. From Google’s point of view: “If other people are interested in your website, this is great. So when people comment and share your content, your ranking in the Google PageRank algorithm will increase. The more content you search on Google, the more your content will be displayed. “

But PageRank is just an algorithm and can not tell the difference between valuable content and spam. As a result, having a lot of keywords and links may increase your ranking in Google, but it does not generate new traffic to your site and does not make your content known as valuable content.

While writing a guest post can be a potential risk, it is easy to avoid writing a spam post if you follow these tips. Matt Katz also says about this:

There are also many reasons to write a guest post, such as being seen, brand promotion, sharing, and so on. These reasons existed before the Google rules on SEO. As a result, there are still amazing and quality guest bloggers in every field.

As a result, some website founders continue to use guest content to generate quality content on their web pages by creating an account.

But do not be blind!

The fact that a website owner is not aware of the potential dangers of poor quality guest posts is not a reason not to be fined. If a spammer promises you to write great new content to increase website traffic and you unknowingly fall into his trap, you will still not be safe. Guest bloggers promise you higher rankings, but with their spam links they question the credibility and value of your site. You and your website are bound to be fined at this time.

If an anonymous person contacts you unexpectedly and offers to write great content, it is only natural that you should suspect him or her!


Writing a guest post, if done right, can be very rewarding for your website. Guest posting will increase your website traffic and make it more visible. Plus, it’s a great way to promote your brand.

Writing guest posts is by no means obsolete, but using it to improve your site’s SEO has become a thing of the past. Using guest posting is a way to increase your brand traffic and traffic in an acceptable way. Imagine that Digikala or Zomit intend to ask you to write a guest post for them. Do you reject this offer? Definitely not! A quality guest post is of great value to you. You just have to learn to distinguish a quality post from a spam post.

Webmasters who only invite quality writers will not be penalized by Google. As a result, many site owners are confused; But you should know that writing a guest post has a positive aspect and a negative aspect and has no middle ground.

Guest posting is never dead, but views on it have changed from the past. Formerly known as a tool to attract the audience, the factor has now become a spam tactic in the SEO world. This is something that needs to change. If you are using guest posting on your website and your goal is to promote the brand, attract traffic and visibility, you have taken the right step; But provided you maintain the quality of your content over time. Google does not seek to destroy guest posts or outlaw this method, but seeks to provide a set of standards that everyone must meet in the first place.

Do you use the phenomenon of guest blogging as part of your online marketing strategy? What is your suggestion for an online business to increase your guest post success rate

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