Film Maker Pro – Movie Maker Mod Apk v3.2.1.0 (Pro, Watermark Removed)

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“Film Maker Pro 3.2.1.o Mod Apk” – Film Maker Pro is a free video editing and creation app for Android. It was released by cerdillac, the developer behind many other popular media editing apps such as Story Lab , Hype Text, and Mostory.

Film Maker Pro – Video Editor for Everyone

The developer of the app once said that Film Maker Pro is for everyone. This means that whether you are an amateur, a beginner, or someone who already has video editing experience, Film Maker Pro can meet your needs.


The application has many built-in images, stickers and effects that you can apply and give unique styles to your videos. Actually, I didn’t really believe it. But after a certain period of use, the developer releases new updates with additional content and features, helping users to always find new ideas for their videos.


The hero of our review has a simplified interface with intuitive tool icons and a dark theme. This interface is flexible. Features and tools will be displayed according to your usage needs. For example, if you want to edit the layout, the appropriate cropping tools will be displayed. If you want to create effects, you can choose from music, images, stickers, or unique overlays from the app’s library.

The minimalistic interface makes the user feel easier to use and gives more space. To be honest, editing videos on mobile devices is quite difficult and even frustrating if you can’t edit small details. The app can flexibly hide/show toolbars from the bottom or sides of the screen.


What’s more, Film Maker Pro offers a series of visual video tutorials for beginners.

Video Speed Editor, FX

To add time-lapse effects and make the video more appealing, change the video’s speed to slow or fast. This will give your films professional-looking action movie effects and after-impact. It can be used to produce animation of a high calibre.

Get an alot of likes on Instagram and TikTok by using well-known FX like shake and glitch video effects.

Lyrics, Stickers, and Text

Discover its more than 50 settings for text animation, which you can adjust as needed. To enhance the quality of your videos, add lots of adorable and fun stickers. Find an alot of amusing sound effects, emoticons, and altered effects.

There are countless pieces of music with lyrics that are copyright-free. However, you may improve it even more by adding your own voice-over.

Film Maker Pro – Professional Editing Toolkit

As you can see, Film Maker Pro is just an app for Android mobile devices, only about 30 MB in size, but it is not inferior to professional editors in terms of features.

In the main workspace – where you edit videos with a full set of tools. They are located on the edge of the screen in a sliding list, and you can swipe down to find the tool you want.


So, in particular, how do you use these tools and what can they do? The answer is probably too obvious. You can insert anything into your video: images, backgrounds, combine video samples, insert music, sounds, recordings, text, emoji, frames and covers, including filters. To do this, you just need to select the templates available or available on the device, then drag them to the area you want to place, adjust the opacity or the level you want to apply. The whole operation is just drag and drop.

What’s more, the utility also has a previewer so you can check the results just by adjusting or adding a certain effect to the video. Of course, you can drag to each frame and adjust if you’re not satisfied.

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