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YouTube reduces the production of proprietary works

According to YouTube, the company intends to reduce the volume of production of proprietary works. YouTube has been creating proprietary content since 2016 as part of the YouTube Originals project.

YouTube has said it intends to reduce the production of a significant portion of its proprietary work in the form of YouTube Originals. The Google-run social platform has long since begun producing proprietary content, including TV series, educational videos, music and celebrity shows. The new YouTube app was first reported by Robert Kinkel , the company’s chief business officer, according to Varge .



From now on, YouTube only intends to fund the production of exclusive works for the YouTube Kids Fund and the Black Voices Fund. Launched in 2020, the Black Voices Fund is a $ 100 million project that aims to help black content creators on YouTube.

“With the rapid growth of new opportunities,” the company said in a statement, “the company wants to impress more producers with its investments.”

The YouTube Originals section has changed its approach in recent years. The project was launched in 2016 by Susan Daniels and she took over the management. YouTube Originals was originally launched with a focus on content-producing series and movies, such as the Scare PewDiePie trailer-comedy series.

In 2017, YouTube said it had reached 250 million views for YouTube Originals shared content, and some time later we saw a change in YouTube practice and the use of promotional content with celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kevin Hart , and users could use it without subscribing.

Over the past six years, however, YouTube has produced content that has often failed. Finally, it was not clear what the benefits of YouTube’s proprietary content production platform were for a platform that was one of the world’s most popular video content viewing platforms before it was produced. YouTube has announced in a new statement that Daniels will leave the company in March 2022 .


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