Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game Mod Apk v16.0.1 (Unlimited Money , Coins)

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“Cooking Fever 16.0.1 Mod Apk” – Cooking Fever is an ambitious project that immerses you in all the secrets of a chef’s job. Create different dishes and drinks, following the rules of preparation at each stage, so that the client is sure to be satisfied. Complete many interesting levels and unlock additional features that will allow you to cook several delicacies and unique drinks at the same time.

The Nordcurrent studio has released a game so that you can see with your own eyes all the complexities of the restaurant business. You will find that restaurant workers think not only about tips, but also about the interior of the room, the menu, improving the kitchen equipment and much more. This amount of detail will help you create the restaurant of your dreams.


Cooking Fever – grow your restaurant

Cooking Fever offers you several ways to improve your growing business. With the first capital, you can not only improve the kitchen equipment, but also take care of the design and atmosphere of your cafe. The first method allows you to expand the restaurant menu. Customers order more complex, but also more expensive dishes that bring more income. The second development path attracts more and more customers and turns every visit into a fairy tale. It is important to consider every purchase you make. You can’t feed a hundred customers with hamburgers alone, and eating lobster surrounded by bare walls is absurd. The balance of improvements is critical.

keep time

Your main gameplay in Cooking Fever takes place behind the counter, where all the kitchen utensils are located. The cooking process itself is very simple and straightforward. You can understand the cooking process intuitively from one picture of the dish. You already have blanks, so the cooking process is to throw it out, take it out or pour it out in time. It sounds simple enough, but customers have an enviable appetite, so you need to do a lot of things at the same time.


In total, you can serve no more than three clients at the same time. The order of each visitor is limited to two or three dishes. Time for each order in Cooking Fever is very limited. You can understand this by looking at the patience bar next to each client. Although it is green or yellow, you don’t have to worry too much, but the red color promises you the departure of visitors and, of course, less profit.

The size of the tip also depends on the client’s mood, but this is true in real life as well. Interior elements will help to extend the queue of visitors. For example, TV will show exciting programs or play music videos, and bouquets of fresh flowers on the tables and paintings on the walls will generally delight visitors.

Different restaurants, one goal

The developers of Cooking Fever are constantly releasing various updates, which makes gamers very happy. For example, there are currently more than 20 locations available to grow your virtual business, including a bakery, snack bar, Chinese restaurant, pizzeria, Indian cafe, fish restaurant, breakfast cafe, and sushi bar .

In the cooking process, you can use modern kitchen appliances – blenders, mixers and coffee makers. You will be able to purchase even better and more expensive equipment as you upgrade your kitchen to improve the overall performance of your establishment.


Growing complexity

The nice thing is that the complexity of the game grows very smoothly, without abrupt transitions. A variety of kitchen equipment and a large number of visitors are key factors in the complexity. However, do not think that there are no passable levels. Just enjoy the story slowly and steadily and develop your own business in Cooking Fever .

Graphics and sound in the game Cooking Fever

The animation is pretty cute and fun. The developers have drawn everything to the smallest detail, and cartoonish graphics only add to the ease of perception of the plot. In addition, you can hear pleasant and varied music.

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