Exploring Content SEO with 9 professional tricks

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The importance of SEO in website optimization is undeniable and one of the most important and of course very time consuming skills in the field of SEO is the topic of producing SEO content . Content SEO is one of the skills that, while having the necessary knowledge, also requires a lot of practice, because in the field of content marketing, you must apply both writing skills and technical principles of SEO at the same time. In this article, we will introduce you to the importance of content production in SEO and 9 practical SEO content tricks from the web blog .

1. Turn on your keyword search

If you are going to put your content on the site anyway, you may need to take the time to make sure Google understands your efforts. Find out what people are looking for and the keyword , and in what areas you can compete. Create a spreadsheet of keywords for yourself. Be aware of how many times you have used keywords in your content, and use the right tools to find out where you rank for the keywords you want. SEMrush is our favorite tool, in fact we love SEMrush very much and we are very dependent on it.

2. Make keywords cure your pain

There was a time when an SEO writer only copied keywords, but the practice became obsolete. While synonyms for the keywords you want throughout your article are a great idea, shooting a copy of the text with the keywords is not a good idea at all, and it is often annoying. To have an SEO strategy, you must act tactically.

Include your keywords in the topic in the same 300 first words or in the first or second title (although it is not necessary to use keywords in both titles), make sure you include the keyword in one of the titles.

As an added point, you should not copy your keywords permanently. In the content SEO process, your keywords should look natural in your writing, if you feel that your writing is a bit complicated and incomprehensible, you have come a long way.

Remember that people who use search engines are looking for specific phrases because they want to know more about them. So give them the feeling that you have what they are looking for. Doing so will get you more clicks, which is a business ploy for SEO writers.

3. Write about something that is important to people

Before you start writing and producing content, ask yourself, Who cares?

We do not act very jokingly here, often the authors of the article produce a lot of SEO content for no reason without a specific strategy behind it. They forget that people need to read this, you are not actually writing according to Google algorithms , you are writing for people.

You should always add value to your readers when you are writing. What can you say to them that others have not said? What unique services do you offer? What information have you shared with them that they can’t find anywhere else? No one knows your business as well as you know, use this for your own SEO. If not here’s a new product just for you! Do not be afraid to talk and interview with skilled people, if you quote them or mention their skills in your post, they will most likely be willing to share your content through social channels. That way, you’ll be getting bigger networks to grow your business.

4. Know the basics of technical SEO

It is not bad to know that SEO discussion starts from website design . If your site is not indexed, you will not benefit from all the keyword optimizations in the world. As a writer, you are not expected to know how to build a professional site and enable SSL certification across the domain. You really do not need to know anything about how to maximize crawling by the search engine or you should not know about JavaScript shredding. But having a basic knowledge of technical SEO will make you a better SEO writer. If you do not have specialized professional web design techniques do not worry because you can still buy the service site construction and store construction Vbrmz to create a viable site SEO benefit.

First of all, understanding how Google explores pages and publishes links will help you build a strategy. After all, content production is not just about writing a single blog post, it is about writing (and compiling) several such posts. If you have a good understanding of how your blog is structured, you can help make it more effective, which means that a backup link to one of your posts will benefit your site. It also helps to understand how to optimize a website for a few keywords. Keep your images small, this ensures that not a lot of pop-ups appear on a particular page, or you make sure that your blog posts have all the skills you need to be an SEO writer.

5. Your content should be large enough that you can count it

Definitely 100 words of content is better than no new content, but with these 100 words, how much value do you get on Twitter?

Search engines give higher priority to longer blogs and articles. For this reason, try to cover at least 600 words, but if you can go up to 1000 words, there is no problem, do it.

A lot of research has shown that search engines show content that has 2,000 words, we have seen this result in our work and that of our customers and many TCF blog posts that have at least 1,500 words. The longer your content, the more value you give to your readers and the more likely you are to have lower bounce rates.

6. See your own analysis

Writing SEO content does not mean leaving it alone. You should not just write your content and leave the scene. In fact, you should monitor your content regularly using Google Analytics. According to data collected from people in SEMrush, site attendance, bounce rate, and pages visited in a single session are all as important (and may be as important) as keyword density). If your site has a high bounce rate, it means that your site visitors will not stay there long, because your page does not provide them with the information they are looking for. If the bounce rate Or your bounce rate is high. There is a chance that your page is not optimized for the right keywords. You should be warned that many things that are not related to the content will cause your bounce rate to increase too much.

Aggressive pops, slow page loading, annoying ads or images, and any ugly design elements cause the visitor to leave. Writing SEO-based content is not just about seeing the words on the screen, it also means that the words come to the attention of your visitors. If your design is bad, no one will want to read your content. Optimize your web content writing. If you use WordPress as your blog platform, there are many tools (in the form of plugins) that you can use to generate SEO content. We use Yoast along with other tools. A simple and free web PR tool simply works with a “Install this app now” link.

7. Edit your work

The most important difference between professional SEO article writers and ordinary people who write content is that they edit themselves. Programs like OpenOffice ,  Google Docs,  and Microsoft Word make it easy, and they do it by making it clearer with colors like green and red, so it’s important to make sure you have a good format. Avoid including long paragraphs and sentences to avoid making too many mistakes. If you can, ask someone to take a look at your work before publishing it. Even if they are not SEO writers (or editors), looking at them again will reveal a lot of simple mistakes.

8. Become an online PR agency yourself

Half of the SEO work is done when you write and post new content.

The last step in writing web content is to work as an online PR agency yourself, linking to your content everywhere. Leave a comment on the blogs and link to your site. Submit your content to  Reddit and StumbleUpon . Social media management and web content writing can be done collaboratively, and when you press the publish button you must have tweeted with all your heart!

9. Be aware that becoming a SEO writer takes time

SEO and site optimization is a skill and like other skills it is not going to happen to you overnight. But there is a point here that you have observed in general. When you write SEO content, you should always go back and edit it if your analytics provided you with specific information. Even if you do not make a lot of noise on your first try, you can still complete your content until it starts to rank. Otherwise, some of the content you have written will not benefit you at all. Not everyone can be completely successful in writing content SEO. Not everyone is a skilled writer, and if you do not have a background in writing, this may be difficult for you. Our advice is to do your best and see if you can handle it. If after a few months you can not, you can take training courses, work in the company Content SEO services or content marketing company, etc. All of these can help you in this regard.

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