Boya M1 best microphone for content production (Review)

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Even if you come in front of the camera and say the most useful and beautiful things, but your voice is of poor quality, no one will listen to you.
Of course, if you are very dear to them, they will listen first to understand what you are saying, but they will get tired very quickly and move on to the next video.

So rest assured that buying a microphone is more important than most other equipment. We suggest starting with the Boya M1 microphone. In the rest of the article, we want to (as always) examine the Boya M1 microphone based on our experiences.

Of course, we suggest you watch the review of Boya microphone in the video below and do not miss the audio recording test with Boya M1 microphone in any way!

Why should we buy a Boya microphone?

In fact, you can buy any microphone you like 🙂 But if you want our opinion, the Boya M1 microphone is really for Beginning Work Generate video content, Is both convenient and economical. Here are some reasons to buy a Boya M1 microphone:

  • The price of this microphone is about 300 thousand tomans.
  • Boya M1 microphone wire is 6 meters, which is very useful.
  • Connects to a variety of smartphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, computers and audio recorders.
  • Eliminates extra noises to a great extent.
  • This microphone has an LR44 battery (clock battery) and works for you for about 700 hours. (Of course you have to buy a new battery later)
  • The equipment inside the box is also very complete, which we will examine in detail in the rest of this article.

Of course you can use the BY M1 microphone to build Video content for Instagram، Produce podcasts، Holding meetings online or Webinar Use also. This means that these microphones are so useful that they can be used in anything!
By the way, now that you are going to buy a microphone 🙂 Be sure to look at the articles that we have given you the link above … It is not bad to get acquainted with these areas at least.


We ourselves in the new page stories from the same microphone Paint M1 We use. We suggest for sure New Instagram page Follow to learn a tip, trick or money-making tutorial every day.

Types of microphone buoy M1

Recently we see strange models on the market who want to sell them to us under the name Boya M1 microphone. But if your own Boya site Also check, you will see that such models do not exist at all! So pay attention to this good part.

Wireless collar microphone

Microphones and we smell the smell that comes to them Lavalier Microphone They also say that there are not more than a few models, and in this section, we will introduce all of them to you.

Microphone Boya M1

Model Boya M1 Or the BY M1 is the microphone we’ve been looking at since the beginning of the article.

Boya M1 Microphone Review
In the previous part of its advantages, we said that it really gives us good facilities for its price.
Now, it is not bad to talk a little about its disadvantages … For example, its 6-meter wire, although it is practical, but it is always tied and stays under the hands and feet, so you should be aware of this issue. The second drawback is that it is only suitable for single-player videos and you need a new microphone for the second person.

Microphone Boya M1 Pro

Model Boya M1 Pro, Is generally very similar to the previous model; That is, its wire is 6 meters, it connects to all kinds of devices, it receives extra sounds well, and its battery is the same as LR44.

Introducing the Boya M1 pro microphone
Difference Microphone M1 Pro Or M1 Normal in Two cases Is:

  1. The Pro has a button that you have to turn on to reduce the volume if you accidentally turn up the volume too much or get too close to the microphone.
  2. The second difference is that you can connect your headphones to the microns and hear your recorded sound at the same time. This feature helps you to notice the sound defects immediately and your work is easier when editing.

As you can read, the Boya M1Pro microphone also gives us good features, but it is still useful for those who want to record individually, video, podcast or anything else.
This problem was solved in the next model of Boya microphones. That is, DM models, which stands for Dual Mic or the same two microphones.

Microphone Boya M1DM

Model M1DM, As we said in the previous section, has 2 microphones for videos Two people Video or audio interviews (podcasts) are great.


Introducing the Boya M1DM microphone

Features of this microphone include the following:

  • The wire of each microphone is 4 meters.
  • Records sound 360 degrees, which means that if you turn your head while recording, your voice will not change.
  • The sensitivity of this model to additional sounds has increased and it eliminates them better.

Boya brand has also produced 2 other microphones called Paint DM1 And Paint DM2 Pointed out that the order for IPhone And Android Type C, Designed.

M1DM1 microphone and M1DM2 microphone

In this section, we have examined the different types of lapel and wired microphones and emphasize that any other models you see on different sites, called M1 2020 or M1 2021, are either counterfeit or have been renamed to get your attention. (We have written the method of distinguishing the original microphone from the non-original one a little lower.)
But before that, it’s best to learn how to work with this microphone to give us the best sound output.

How to use the Boya M1 microphone

Before launching the Boya microphone, we must first get acquainted with its various components. When you buy the Boya M1 microphone and open the box, 3 products Can be found in the box:

Introducing the M1 microphone

  • The microphone itself (Clamp, soundproof cloud, battery)
  • Jack conversion 3.5 to 6 (To connect to sound cards)
  • leather bag

Now that you are familiar with the components inside the box, let’s move on to how to use the Boya M1 microphone.

Setting up a Boya microphone is very simple. First you need to insert the battery into the microphone, then attach the microphone clip to the collar of your clothes, connect the microphone jack to your phone, camera, tablet or computer, and finally, turn on the microphone. This!

Piece of Cake 🙂

How to distinguish the original Boya microphone from the original?

The non-original samples of this product have increased drastically and we must be very careful so that we do not lose our hats. First of all, we recommend that you definitely Reputable stores Buy and when buying, make sure that the hologram on the box must be smelled, as in the picture below:Boya m1 original

Note that on the hologram, there is a code written (both numerically and QR Code) that you must enter the code on your site Boya company and make sure that your product is genuine.

To check the code on the site, follow these steps:

How to distinguish the original Boya microphone from the original?

  1. Enter the site Become.
  2. From the top menu, select Options Support Select and then enter the section Security Code Become.
  3. Enter the code written on the box on this page, and if you receive this message, the microphone Paint M1 You are the principle:

Congratulations on your purchase of authentic Boya product

Are you ready to buy?

In this article, we tried to review all the tips you need to buy a Boya M1 microphone. We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of this microphone, we examined its types, we understood how to use the microphone, and finally we taught you whether the product is original or not.

We ask that if you have used a Boya microphone, be sure to write us your opinion and share your experiences.

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