Art of War: Legions Mod Apk v6.3.0 (God Mod/Unlimited Soilders)

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The most famous version of the Art of War series by the publisher 10P STUDIO is Art of War Legions for Android. In this game, we will assume the role of commander, leading our army to the battlefield and defeating the opposing forces. The number of warriors and units you face varies by level.


It goes without saying that as time passes, the adversary will grow stronger, necessitating cautious planning on your part. Before the conflict begins, the units must be placed in the proper positions. Archers, who can attack from a distance while infantry, general troops, and heroes block the enemy’s turn, are best positioned towards the back of the line.

The battleground will be small at first, with a maximum of nine units (including troops, not including heroes). However, as the level increases, the map will widen to allow for the development of more powers.

Hero Collection

You must meticulously prepare for the battle because, of course, the adversary will get stronger with time. Prior to the start of the conflict, the forces must be placed in the proper positions. In order to prevent the enemy’s turn, we advise positioning infantry, general troops, and heroes in front of archers so they can strike from a distance.

There will only be nine total units on the battlefield initially (including troops, not including heroes). The map will enlarge as the level increases though, allowing you to accumulate more powers.

Pumping system

Troops and hero detachments can be improved. However, depending on the tactic, they have entirely different applications. Heroes have their own upgrade interface that allows them to increase the power of individual skills, such as defence and attack stats. Normal units can only be upgraded when you are getting ready to fight. You will need to purchase units and then assemble them. In the worst-case scenario, if the army is defeated, you will have nothing and will have to start from scratch. However, the barracks feature allows you to complete the task more quickly. They will bring together all units of the same rank. Both processes are expensive in terms of coins and gems.

Features of the mod game Art of War Legions

There are only two types of currency in the game: coins and gems. For example, stones are a premium currency that can only be obtained through quests or purchased with real money. We advise you to download the hacked version of this toy from the link below if you don’t want to spend time or money.

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